Kanaisahar Hill
Kanaisahar Hill

Kanaisahar Hill

 Kanaisahar, 12 k.m. away from Belpahari bordering Jharkhand is simply a sight of rugged beauty. Flanked on each side by dense forest Kanaisahar mountain stands out as a towering glory of nature. Overlooking villages situated at the foot hills teeming with agricultural activity and countrymen attending to their household chores this hilly spot offers a panoramic view. A village mela is held every year in the month of July on the top of the hill. People from far and wide swarm to this place to offer worship to the mountain god. In the mela colourful stalls displaying a wide range of homemade toys, articles and handicraft add to the feverish tempo of the mela.

The sight of women carrying their children on their laps and old men, though weighed down by the burden of their age while climbing up & negotiating the steep slopes of Kanaisahar hill creates shivers down the spirit of the onlookers. Kanaisahar offers a rare chance of adventure as well as sightseeing.  

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